House Rules

You can find a link to the basic D&D rules here.  

Given that this is a different style of campaign from what we are used to it calls for a few house rules.

  1. Group size is limited to 5 or fewer players.
  2. Players must self organize groups.
  3. Players must schedule the day and time to run sessions as a group.
  4. Groups are limited to 2 consecutive weeks of running before disbanding.
    Disbanding means half or more of the group changes.
    Example: Players A, B, C, D, and E adventure together for 2 consecutive weeks. They must disband. Players A and B can continue to play together but their next adventure can’t include Players C, D, or E.
  5. Players may not target other players with negative effects.
    This includes but isn’t limited to: Skill Checks, Spells, and Attack rolls
    A player may ask their target for an exception. It is their target’s character and they reserve the right to decide if the intra-party drama is worth the potential loss for their character.
  6. Players that post in Adventure Diaries will receive a reward such as Inspiration for their character, an additional Rumor about the East, or bonus XP.
    Players are encouraged to share information. Players will be the only source for first hand accounts of what lies in the wilderness.
  7. Players that go 90 days without participating in a session will become Inactive. Any Inactive player can be reactivated later at no penalty.
  8. Characters are created using the Point Buy system outlined on page 13 of the Player's Handbook.  You receive 27 points to spend on Attributes.  All characters also receive a Rumor about the East.  Only material from officially published sources will be accepted.  That means no Unearthed Arcana materials.  
  9. We will use the enhanced Encumberance rules in the Players' Handbook on page 176.  Basically carrying capacity is 5 times your Strength score.  Past that you're Encumbered.  Over 10 times your Strength score and you're taking even more severe penalties.
  10. Slight modification to the Travel rules.  Traveling at a Fast pace will give the party not a -5 to Perception but roll at Disadvantage.  Going at a Slow pace will give the party Advantage.  

This list is subject to revision at any time.

House Rules

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