East of Winter

The Deep Terror

Pitt, he first mate from the trade ship at the pier came to Cradle looking for help. He must've been truly desperate to ask me. His Captain, Garrett, had been acting strangely. Most recently, he had taken 3 men late at night off somewhere. Pitt hadn't seen any of them since. His explanation seemed terribly tedious to me; it was obvious that an Aboleth had taken control of the captain. Pitt did offer to pay us though, and I need money. Soraya, Esmeralda, Nocturne, Runt, and I set off to take care of the problem.

We get to the Pier, ask a couple questions, find out this has been going on for a while. Garrett has taken at least 3 seperate groups with him, at steady intervals. He's due back in town the next day. So we wait, then follow Garrett and his 3 new followers to a cave at the mouth of a waterfall. Runt dispels the mind control holding Garrett, and we send the group on their way. I enter the cave first, surrounded by 22 Teds. Somehow bringing that many bodies into the cave caused a traffic jam (totally unintentional, the skeletons weren't playing goalie or anything). Well while everyone's dealing with a pile of bones, a cloaker snatches me up. Too bad we didn't let Garrett's men go in the cave. I wouldn't have been nearly killed if we had. In either case, the Teds get their act together, my cohorts save me from a smothering, and the Aboleth surfaces shortly thereafter (see, it was obviously going to be an Aboleth). Turns out, though, that 22 Teds are somewhat deadly. It gets turned into a pin cushion, we loot its lair, everyone has a good time: I got to see the devastation my army can wreak, the more… moral people got to save a handful of people.

Really, though, this only served to solidify that I'm the smartest person alive. The mystery of the Aboleth really was elementary.


drewsph_dunn Melisom

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