East of Winter

Beachhead at Cradle II

Sad song, unwary when the winds came.  Forgotten by Magi, forsaken by madness, lost in the winding ways, Cradle-men become monsters.   

Ask the bard, Skulk will not sing it to you.

Go we back to the deep dark.  Found Madelf who killed in vain.  Raised the dead.  Howl death and put deep frost in Skulk bones until we spill blood of last survivor.  Put him in ground, so city can start to forget.   

Many deep dead.  Eaters, yes, but more.  Ogre.  Goblin.  Maybe some secrets still left in Cradle, but madelf raise no more.   Tower closest Sprigand walk, cleaned out, winding ways beneath, ours.

Ours, tower in Cradle becomes.  Ours, foothold has become.  Ours, Cradle soon.


After an initial foothold was established in Cradle we returned to clear more of the accursed undead. I, the Amazing Alcadizzar, led a party consisting of my brother Imildrak, a wood elf, the painted bard Soraya, the lizardman Skulk and the formidable Jempy Drucker. We began by luring undead to the tower cleared during the last foray. The eternal light of Rhollor banished the shadows and we were able to move on to clear the south eastern tower. There was no sewer access beneath this tower, just some jail cells in the basement.
We noticed that a large group of gnoll witherlings fled the city in response to our assault.
Note: Silver is the bane of ghouls, magic is the bane of shades.

Beachhead at Cradle II

It’s more glorious than I could ever have imagined. A city of undead. A whole city! This city is just more proof that the Archmagi care for none but themselves. But, oh, how life persists even past the edge of living. A menagerie of the dead roam this city. Skeletal minotaurs, ghouls, undead ogres, spectres, and more. The ghouls hate silver. Spectres hate magic.

All undead we’ve come across are immune to poisons. We can learn more. Tests must be carried out. How do we replicate this? How do we control it? Is anyone controlling them now? What secrets can we uncover?

It brings tears to my eyes. This place is the key. This is my Eden. We must learn more, must understand what happened. We must not let Cradle succumb to true death. It is the beginning of a new world. A better world. My world.

Beachhead at Cradle II
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