East of Winter

Weathering the Winter

Restoring Cradle

Dear Diary,

Myself and many of my compatriots decided to weather the winter in Cradle.  Much was accomplished during the few short months we tarried.  I was able to squeeze some coin out of the Willosby estate and direct the funds to Cradle as I had planned.  The Inn is completed, as is the town hall and the temple.  300 gold was allocated from these funds to Esmerelda's Inn, Imildrak's sewers, and Glim's Garrison Tower.  We decided on building a modest temple and town hall, nothing too fancy for our quiet little town. 

As the snows began to thaw in early spring we set out for the slaver city of Osiris.  A pier was built near cradle over the winter months.  When we set sail we discovered that the slavers were utilizing this shipping route as well, many of the passengers had a tattoo that marked them as property.

We accompanied the slavers caravan through the desert to the city we were seeking.  I believe the locals call it Farlongin or some such jibberish.  One of the slave traders mysteriously went missing during the journey through the desert.  Her ashes were never discovered.

Upon entering the city everything turned to shit at an alarming rate.  I was skulking about, fearing reprisal for the caravan we waylaid previously.  Runt and Abby were called before the Queen, a courtesy not extended to elves.  Imildrak wandered off to find a way to fight in the slave pits, Runt and Abby left to see Amani in her throne room.  I was unaccountably tired after a long night where I definitely wasn't luring anyone out into the wilderness to their certain death.  I checked into an Inn for a much needed nap.  After I awoke I attempted to find my companions.  My brother Imildrak was easy enough to find, down by the slave pits chasing his doom.  Runt and Abby are still missing.  My searches have been fruitless. 

I am sending my familiar Harry Turtledove back to Cradle with a message letting the other adventurers know of the new pier, our current location, my concerns for the wellbeing of Abby and Runt and my suspicion of Queen Amani's involvement in their disappearance.  They should receive it the second or third week of spring.



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