East of Winter

Upon hallowed ground

Skulk is more cunning than I thought. He convinced me to help him hallow his cabin, though I was not aware until the 11th hour. The reptile has banished my minions from his land, and I helped. I, along with Al, Jempy Drucker, and the enchantress Amastasia, fought off a gnoll hunting party led by a gnoll witch, while Skulk completed his ritual. She summoned fell steeds. Fiendish horses - I must learn that trick! We found their campsite and raided it, only to find something even more glorious than hell horses: A Fang of Yeenoghu, a creature of terrible and unholy might. He ripped apart Teds 3 and 4 (I never really liked them, they never listened, unlike Ted 2), and nearly felled the expendables, er… the party, before succumbing to our onslaught. He is my thrall now. Call him Berry. 


drewsph_dunn Melisom

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