East of Winter

To the Attention of King Hecaton IV

from the desk of the mayor

Your Gracious Majesty,

I write to update you in regards to the recently reclaimed town of Cradle, newest of your Easternmost lands, which we have liberated from the undead which have occupied it for the past centuries. 

The town grows rapidly- merchants and more adventurers arrive daily, and much progress has already been made pushing forward the boundaries of your kingdom into the lands lost beneath the Edict. I'm sure this progress will only multiply in the coming months. 

To maintain a sense of order in these wild lands, the steward of the Eastern Marches has appointed me to set up a local government in your name, an office I will strive to fulfill with honor. 

Due to the nature of this frontier, there are many groups in Cradle who require input into the running of the city. To this end, I will be setting up a town council, and have set aside a place for your representative, should you wish to send one.

I shall continue to send regular updates as we continue with the reclamation and rebuilding. 

In your service,

Acting Mayor A.T. O’Conner


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