East of Winter

The slavers did nothing wrong

These slavers really aren't that bad. In fact, I like them a lot. We've made our way by boat to the city of Osiris, with the hospitality of the people Abby calls evil, mind you. They enjoy Ted's antics. These people get me.

They're letting me fight in their gladiator pit, at the zenith of the Planting festival. I will slaughter an Ettin for the glory of Osiris. I will become the champion of this new world, loved and feared by all who behold me. 

Al did some fucked up stuff in the desert, too. I'm not sure exactly what, but some lady went missing. Whatever, he turns the other cheek with me, I'll return the favor. Also, I wonder where Abby and Runt wandered off to. They've been gone for about a day. I wonder if they eloped together. I'm sure they'll turn up. No need to worry about it. What could go wrong in this utopia?


drewsph_dunn Melisom

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