East of Winter

The Eternal Beneficence of Rhollor

Mr. Deeds

Dear Diary,

Upon my return from the Crackhammer peaks I found that the town of Cradle was sliding towards anarchy.  Lord Willosby was making a claim for the lands we occupy in the Eastern Marches.  He sought to turn the guild against itself for his personal gain.  We were embroiled in a plot to brew Lord Willosby a love potion that he intended to use to Marry Lady Foal and thus usurp the guilds lands.

Soraya took the place of lady Fole in a cunning disguise.  Amestasia concealed the captain of the city guard that he might witness the crime take place.  Glim infilitrated Willosby's guards and was named their captain.  Skulk created a diversion with a display of his reptilian masculinity.  Thus all the guards loyal to Willosby were nowhere at hand when Willosby's deception was illuminated.  He was thrown into chains straightaway by the city guard.  While incarcerated I visited Willosby.  Without any undue physical coercion I was able to convince him to sign over all of his lands and holdings.  Alcadizzar, steward of the Eastern Marches.  Has a nice ring.

As my companions have rightly earned the lands that Willosby was attempting to usurp I am signing over properties to my fellow adventurers.  One property shall be assigned to any of my companions who had a hand in liberating Cradle from the undead.  The towers have been deeded to Glim, he cares for them in his capacity as captain of the guard.  To my brother Imildrak I bequeath the sewers, truly a most fitting place for him.  To Abby I give the town hall and name her acting mayor until such time as a permanent governing body can be established.  To Esmerelda I deed the Inn, may her fires keep the hearth warm for weary travelers.  To Runt I deed the smithy, assuming he still wants it.  The library is officially deeded to Yera, I have made arrangements to have Willosby's book collection copied and transferred to Yera's care.  I have sent word to my other companions that they might make a request to be deeded a similar property.  My legal counsel as convinced me to only deed property to the saviors of Cradle, as they were the ones that Willosby had already intended contracts for.  I am merely making the slight concession in the contracts that you don't have to quit the guild, and that if you leave cradle you can choose a steward to stay in your place.  There are still many unclaimed buildings available to be leased by the general public.  Ask about small business loans for guild members.  As her Ladyship Foal was not among the saviors of Cradle and due to the strained relations between herself and Willosby she will not be deeded property in Cradle.

The temple shall be my seat of power.  It shall be renovated to honor many gods.  A pantheon of the Ennead with Rhollor, god of the sun, occupying the central altar.  

I have begun the process of directing Willosby's Western holdings to Cradle.  The west is already secure, the resources are needed here to restore order to these wild lands.  Stability through prosperity.  My legal counsel has informed me that liquidation would be problematic.  A slow siphoning of funds should be sufficient to ensure cradle's prosperity.  With help from my counsel I believe that I have found a path that could sustain my position as steward rather than burning it all up in one big suspicious transaction.


drewsph_dunn J_money

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