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State of Play

Or How I Stopped Worrying About the Avalanche

So when I started this endeavor I was really hoping to get a lot of experience for myself as a GM.  I have GM'd more sessions in the last two weeks than I have in the last twenty years.  Mission accomplished.

I also hoped to get all of my friends into the same game, with no pressure to show up every week.  That has gone very well; in fact it might be too well.  It is a lot to keep track of.  And I definitely feel that I owe it to all of you to put in the effort and come up with a fun and entertaining game.  Now that we are turning the calendar to June, I think it's time to reflect on what's been working and what hasn't.  

We have 14 players registered on this site!  Even though some haven't played yet, we still have about a dozen or so characters in the game (and some still haven't signed up for website but have characters).  Just about everyone has run multiple sessions (or is scheduled to).  So we must be doing something right!  That said, as of next week the Disbanding Rules are back in play.  That's Item 4 on the House Rules Wiki.  

Frankly, the forums and the calendar on this site weren't designed to deal with a game as large and disparate as ours.  Just please know that I'm trying to come up with a solution.  I'd really love it if the Calendar would let you create an event with a certain number of RSVPs; or even notify only a list of invitees.  If anyone has suggestions on dealing with that I'm very open to them.  This is probably the single biggest frustration I have with the game right now.

The other challenge I have, and this is a personal one, is managing large player groups.  And my biggest issue with this is I feel that I am letting you down when I'm in that situation.  I can probably spin something off the top of my head for a 4 or 5 player group.  But past that I feel I'm having trouble keeping everyone engaged and entertained.  And that's not fair to the players.  The problems with the Calendar are feeding into this as well as it creates larger groups.

You are all welcome here and I am damn glad to have everyone in this game.  But you deserve a fun experience.  At some point I'm going to get there for large groups.  Until then, let's try to either a) keep the groups to 5 or fewer players and b) give several days notice before a larger session.  With time I can try and come up with a better balanced and more engaging story for that many people.  

I'm super pleased that we have so many characters on the website.  It is fun to see them here, breathing life into this crazy world I built on this website.  Their avatars and back stories are all amazing.  It wouldn't be enjoyable without them, and by extension all of you.  It's also great for when you or I forget your character sheet.  

I'm also working on a dedicated Web Page for the in game Calendar.  I'd like it to allow everyone to edit the calendar.  Almost like a makeshift diary for your characters.  There are some other enhancements that are in the works too.  Just know that I'm continuing to not only come up with adventures but features for this world as well.

Thanks for being a part of this.  I hope you're having as much fun playing as I am orchestrating this crazy thing.  See you at the table soon!


drewsph_dunn drewsph_dunn

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