East of Winter

Over the mountain and through the Badlands

to the dwarven campfire we go

I am told I have made a full recovery from the affliction I suffered during our last outing. I have never been out of commission for such a long period, and it is quite concerning. Concerning enough to make me question my decision to abandon my solitude and join with these strangers. And strange they are. 

If it weren't for the bond I feel with my fellow tieflings Abby and Yera, I would likely abandon this party and strike out on my own again. In fact, I am quite certain one member of our group will get us all killed before our time together is over. This Brekka is reluctant to kill even those creatures that would attack us in our sleep. I say this as our first night away from Sprigand in search of a party of missing dwarves saw us attacked by goblins as we slept. Those of us who were awake fought them off, but Brekka refused to kill the one left behind by his cowardly brethren. I know without a doubt that if I had not dispatched the miserable creature myself, the goblin would have returned with twice as many to do us in.

The next day we followed Tut over the mountain and into the Badlands in search of the small men. We did not find them as we approached the desert wasteland, but we did find a pit of bones. Bones that appeared to be from many different beings. But no dwarves. As I was beginning to think our search was a wasted effort, we found something that gave us hope. A campfire. And its maker was not too long gone. 

It was not long until we found who had made the fire. Three dwarves were wandering about, clearly lost, and we led them back to the remains of the campfire. As night fell, the small men insisted on consuming large quantities of ale and swapping stories. Concerned they would wander off in a drunken stupor and become lost again, Yera secured them to Storma … our war donkey. Abby, Yera and I remained awake, talking to the ale-soaked dwarves while Tut and Brekka slept. It is here that my memory becomes hazy and I struggle to remember what has happened. 

I've been informed that the dwarves we found were not, in fact, dwarves but rather were some strange dog-men. This makes twice now that we've been deceived by dark forces. And I am still no closer to my goal.


drewsph_dunn Brindolyn

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