East of Winter

New Toys


We are getting a bunch of miniatures over the next few days!  These things look great as they are currently.  But once you put a coat of paint on them they really come alive.

To that end, the GM is currently offering the following promotion:

  • For every mini you paint your character gets 25 Gold
  • Once you paint 5 minis, you get 125 Gold and an Inspiration
  • Paint 10 minis and you get 250 Gold, an Inspiration, and 250 XP
  • Large miniatures count double!  

So yes, please paint the Storm Giant King and Queen pictured above.  You totally won't have to fight them later on…

We have a full set of acrylic paints, brushes, and other supplies.  So come on over and use them.

That picture is Emma's order of minis.  Mine comes on Thursday.  Joel and Alex Pate are also getting a ton of minis soon.  All are eligible for this promotion.  Somewhere in there you can probably find a great representation of your character.  I'm excited to see everyone using them on the table!


drewsph_dunn drewsph_dunn

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