East of Winter

Heroes reborn

The founding of the Order of Solaris

They set foot upon ground not trod for generations.  The thunder of their hooves echoed the lightning of their magics and the flash of their blades.  These brave souls answered the call of a kingdom crying out for glory, for growth, all in the name of the King.  

For a turn they brought to heel the elements as well as their foes.  And in their wake Remidon blossomed with the turning of the seasons.  As the kingdom regained purchase in these lands our noble heroes gained too.  They were rewarded for their efforts, their bravery, their unselfish sacrifice, with an opportunity to formally serve the King in stations befitting their heroism.  And so was founded the knightly Order of Solaris; bringers of the dawn to the East, shining spear of the King's lance, and champions of the realm of Remidon.

- an excerpt from 'The Young Court of His Majesty King Hecaton IV' by Sylrora, Magpie Feather of the Order of the Quill


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