East of Winter

Gnolls in the Cradle under silver moon

Little boy boo caught in a typhoon

I returned to Cradle with a formidable group of companions.  Three I knew and three who were new to me.  My brother Imildrak, who understands the undead a little TOO well.  The indomitable lizard beast Skulk.  The suspicious Tiefling warrior Abby.  Glim "Doublelock" Garrick the mischievous gnome.  Runt the spider lord.  And the first adventurer I've seen with any true potential, Esmerelda of the dancing flame.

When we arrived at cradle we found that a tower we previously captured was overrun with devils.  As it so happened the Tiefling Abby was in league with this infernal syndicate.  She was able to negotiate a peaceful resolution to the situation, much to my chagrin.  The consortium of devils stayed in the tower clearing undead that wandered too close.  Me and my companions pressed on to clear the remaining two towers.  

My distrust of Abby was heightened after meeting her Tiefling retinue, so before entering the first tower I attempted to bind her with a protection from evil spell.  The spell seemed to aid rather than hinder her which was quite perplexing.  We encountered a Revenant, a damned soul who remembers what life was like all too well.  Doublelock spent the fight pleasuring himself with a disembodied hand.  During this fight Abby proved her loyalty by putting herself in danger to protect me.  My suspicion was greatly diminished, however, I am still on guard lest this all be part of some clever ruse.  The druid Runt transformed into a spider…or perhaps he is a spider monster that let slip his humanoid guise?  Time will tell.  My justifiable suspicion of Runt was lessened as his webs made it quite impossible for my enemies to avoid the cleansing flames of Rhollor.  We destroyed the revenant with the grim knowledge that it would rise again inhabiting a random corpse.  This is just one more reason why the dead should be cremated, praise be to the cleansing fire of Rhollor.  

We continued to the second tower as dusk was rapidly approaching.  Incorporeal specters flew straight out of the walls as we tinkered with the trapped main door.  Imildrak used a gust of wind spell that was particularly effective against the spirits who were blown hither and yon like so much debris in the breeze.  Skulk rampaged through the specters bashing them with the shield he fashioned from ice dragon hide.  The encounter left us depleted and with night closing in we holed up in the tower to rest.  

After an invigorating 4 hour trance I awoke and relieved Imildrak of his watch.  An hour into my watch all hell broke loose.  A contingent of witherlings accompanied by a large gnoll skeleton assaulted the tower from the sewers below.  A warband of living gnolls approached the main door of the tower.  The gnolls are visiting the city at night in large numbers, what are they up to?

 We fought through the night, defending the tower from the infidels.  The rest of the party was weary, so I unleashed everything I had to protect them.  Our enemies were consumed in a righteous firestorm.  Blessed be the roof that is on fire.  We require no water.  Let the motherfucker burn.  Amen.  

Esmerelda showed great piety by immolating her foes.  Despite her racial handicap I believe that she has great potential.  I have begun to share the tenants of my faith with her via longwinded speeches and Burning Tower pamphlets.  Glory to the everburning flame, may it burn on and on and on and on etc.

After we retake the city I plan to dedicate the church to Rhollor.  I could hold funeral services for the emerging populace.  Cremations only of course.  After seeing first hand the depravity of the undead the funeral rights prescribed by Rhollor will become more popular.  Many in the party have begun to make plans for what Cradle will become when the undead are gone.  Imildrak wants dominion of the sewers, typical that he would seek out the shadows.  Runt is hatching a plan to breed mules.  His plan has a slight flaw, but perhaps he will work it out.  The light of our hope sustains us in the darkness.  Praise be to the holy light of Rhollor, may he lead us safely over the hot coals and deliver us unto the hospitality of a warm hearth.  



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