East of Winter

Frost Dragon Quest

Sunken city

(Penned in red ink by Alcadizzar)

Dear Dream Journal,

The silver dragon Chigera reached out to the Knights of Solaris for aid.  An ancient white dragon, Greethum, stole some valuable works of art from her hoard.  She wanted us to dispatch this foe and return her treasures.

It took several trips to his lair to complete this quest, and many adventurers accompanied me over the course of this quest.  We discovered a frost giant civilization living near the top of a spiraling cavern leading down into a mountain.  We found no indication that they were in league with the dragon or the warlike giants under the Jarl's sway, so we passed them by. 

As we descended into the cavern we fought many of Greethum's brood.  Some juvenile dragons were easily dispatched, however, there were many mature dragons as well.  The first time we encountered an adult we mistook the massive beast for Greethum himself.  After that grueling fight we were forced to regroup. 

We returned the next morning to find Ice Elementals lying in wait for us.  We dispatched them and fought our way onward.  We finally encountered the beast in a chamber of ice that he had rigged as a trap.  The floor was thin ice and a reflection of a treasure chest was intended to lure us to cross the ice.  Luckily no one noticed the chest and we did not fall for the trap.  We battled Greethum until he was at a disadvantage and he fled through the chasm below the floor.  We were taxed, and again were forced to regroup.

For our third and final foray into Greethum's lair I returned with a group of hardy adventurers, Runt, Nocturne, Fenriss and Zanath.  All of which had experience slaying dragons and/or magma wyverns.  Close enough.  This time we decided to more directly interact with the frost giants to ascertain their allegiance.

We found two frost giant sentries guarding a door.  I flew into their midst and announced my intention to slay the dragon.  This gave them pause.  Their orders were to kill intruders, but they wanted the dragon dead as much as we did.  I bribed them for safe passage and information.  They told us the location of Greethum's lair far beneath us and we set off in the direction they indicated.  We learned of a city far below the mountain, built by giants, and now captured by Greethum.  The dragon had forced the giants out of their ancestral home.

As we went lower we encountered the spawning grounds of Greethum's brood.  Interesting fact, white dragons copulate under snow banks.  We found and dispatched a pair of lusty lizards caught in the act.

Next we came to the egg chamber.  An adult female guarded her clutch.  Gene, the air elemental, spun into the room sucking up newly hatched wyrmlings and ejecting them at their mother.  Once all the reptiles were in a pile a fireball blossomed over them leaving ashes and bones in its wake.

Runt summoned a flight of pixies who used their magics to good effect, putting smaller wyrms asleep and polymorphing our enemies into harmless creatures.  Zanath accompanied me on my flying carpet and the two of us rained down destruction from our elevated position.  Fenriss got down and dirty with her hammer, tossing it at her foes and bashing any that came too close.  Nocturne proved especially effective in the final fight with Greethum in his lair.

Greethum was a cagey beast.  Creating illusions and reflecting light based attacks back at us.  Luckily Nocturne revealed the reflection trick with faerie fire before I attempted a more destructive spell.  Runt and i sent our summoned elementals in to flush out Greethum, when he emerged Zanath and Fenriss unleashed a volley of ranged attacks at him.  I was able to draw out the last of his defensive reserves with a fireball and he was left open to Nocturne's attack.  Nocturne unleashed a psychic onslaught that sundered the dragon's mind.  Eye's and ears bleeding the beast crashed to the ice, it's neck snapping under the weight of its fall.

We were richly rewarded by the wealth of the Greethum's hoard.  We returned to the frost giants, informing them of the dragon's demise.  Their city was safe for them to return to.  They threw us a feast in celebration of the deed.  We promised them peace with Remidon as long as they stayed in their mountain home.  They agreed to take in frost giant refugees who preferred peace to war.  Perhaps this will come into play later when we fight the warlike frost giants. 

Chigera rewarded us with items from her hoard after we returned her missing treasure.  I was tempted by a brazier that summoned fire elementals, but settled instead on a protective necklace.  Fenriss claimed the most interesting prize, Daern's instant fortress.

Praise be to Rhollor the eternal flame.  May he warm the hearth of the frost giants who live in peace as his flames scour those who raise up arms against us.  Et Cetera ad infinitum.  Amen.


drewsph_dunn J_money

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