East of Winter

Frogmen and Panthers

Heading to Sprigden on my weekly journey with Soraya, we kept our eyes peeled for beasties as I read that some druids can change into animals and I want to be ready for when Meriarder deems I am ready.  Cicada has already shown me the animals in his fancy bag, but I love options.  Needing more options is one of the reasons I left my clan.  Sadly, the trip was uneventful.

When we reached the Due South Inn, we met retired guard extraordinaire, Jelder.  Meeting my newest best friend has increased my understanding of polite society.  You don't ask humans their age, and frogmen should not be eaten even if you know how delicious grenouilles are, especially in a butter sauce.

As we were trying to decide if we should checkin with the guildmaster for a job, the cranky dwarf strode into the bar area and pointed at us and folk hero Aila (who makes a killer Dandelion Wine) and asked us to find some missing people.  Needing money and something to prevent Soraya from feeking bores, we set off to find missing people.  

For those unaware, there is a pier near a major waterway.  There is also a swamp.  Swamps are not my favorite due to my height, but I persevered.  Along the way we found a statue.  Sorsya studied the elvish writing (warning of the last drinkable water) and Jelder jotednparts needed to fix it and make the fountain functional.  These two are really smart and tall.

We eventually encountered and killed many frogmen.  Remembering Jelders advice, Ibonly looted for money and not for frog legs. Eventually we found the missing humans.  Turns out they are not as smart and felt like the best place to copulate was away from csmp without any guards in a cold swamp area.   I was under the impression that cold made male things unimpressive, but the were unphased enough amd distracted each other so much that they were captured by Frogmen!  Do you know hoe small frogmen are?  as small as me!

Luckily, I brought two tall magic wielding half elfs and a tall human fighter, so we plowed through the frogmen camp to reach the human men.  Jelder easily climbed the tree and opened omnof the cages before I found keys on the creepy orange frogman.  Then, I suddenly changed into a panther and climbed a tree to get the keys tonhim for the second cage.  Once the humans were down the tree, we finished gathering the loot, which required jelder swimming to get a barrel of coins.  All in all, a good mission that includef new friends and me turning into a panther!


drewsph_dunn Divineasb

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