East of Winter

Dispatch from the East

Mother, c/o Vincent Ludd, Guild of Allied Trades, the Shades, Remidon


I apologize for my delay in contacting you; things have been hectic in my time here.  There is an active adventurers' guild here that i have joined, and many eager heroes (and none too few villains…) are present with an eye towards exploring, taming, and claiming the new territories.

The guild has cleared out the formerly undead-ridden town of Cradle, laying a two day journey from Sprigand.  A cabin-turned-inn at the midway point serves as a good resting point; signs point the way.  

I think I shall make a name for myself in Cradle, as I have been deeded the properties of the town's watchtowers and appointed to organize the town guard.  I knew I'd make you proud; I look forward to seeing you and the family joining me here when possible.  I've included a copy of the maps I've been working on so you can find the way.

I hope this finds you well.  


::second page::


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Addeseumorrae, o kkorr sruiv uk sra sierd roqa kuimd o kuimsoem uk aeuisr, uk kursk; es varkesk o ikar su osa bis o doae uqar sra cuirka uk o aeaor.  Tra kums reak em om obomdumad dvorqam sakvra; kruird omae uk uir dvorqam okkuceosak bacuka oqoerobra, kicr om okkas cuird vruqa qoriobra.  

I verr ravurs osoem ok aqamsk vorroms; em kae sroqark, I roqa cukverad sra emcridad kovk kur aeuir ika.


drewsph_dunn drewsph_dunn

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