East of Winter

Cult of Osiris

Slavers and Caravans

Abby informed me of a group of slavers operating close by.  We agreed (for once) that something must be done about it.  Skulk, Imildrak and a wood elf archer accompanied us.  We came across a shrine to Osiris, the god of death.  Even a small offering, such as a silver piece, will grant you a boon.  We found the city of slavers to be quite formidable.  Towering pyramids and ziggerauts erected on the backs of countless slaves.  Massive edifices dedicated to Osiris and crackling with eldritch power.  Skulk located a cross roads near the city where we ambushed a caravan and liberated a considerable sum of coins.  We were observed by a bird familiar who no doubt has informed the cult of Osiris of our deed.  We thought it prudent to leave the area forthwith before the inevitable reprisal.


drewsph_dunn drewsph_dunn

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