Greetings to all brave souls who have journeyed here.  The Edict of Winter has come to an end.  Once more the treasures and follies of the East lay before us.  Those with the courage to claim them will become wealthy and powerful beyond imagination; should they survive their adventure.

The Game

This will be a 'West Marches' style of campaign.  What does that mean?  Well a number of things might be different from your usual RPG.

  • Entirely Sandbox style narrative
  • Players will drive progression
  • A large number of players will be involved
  • Significantly more player choice

Let's dive into those aspects in more detail.

Sandbox Style Narrative

500 years ago, the First Age of Expansion of Remidon ended with the Edict of Winter.  Now as the seasons at last turn our proud kingdom once again looks to the East.

One of the major themes surrounding a 'West Marches' game is that of exploration.  The land you hail from hasn't known of 'adventuring' for generations.  The world, though, is changing.  Now there are new places to explore.  This is the opportunity of a lifetime for those bold enough to strike out past the borders of civilization.

On the other hand, that is the only way for players to experience a challenge.  There are no 'encounters' in town.  No political drama grips the land (unless we invent one).  Nothing your character seeks will be discovered in the safety of civilization.  It is somewhere in the unknown wilds of this land.  

Players Will Drive Progression

While the East is filled with perils, with nightmarish creatures, with horrific terrors beyond imagination, it is also filled with promises of fortune, glory, and power for those brave enough and strong enough to claim them.

In the typical style of roleplaying, a group of Players meet on a regular day and time to play through an episode of content prepared by the Game Master.  The Players are reacting to the Game Master; her schedule and her content.

In a 'West Marches' style of game, the Players will be driving the content with their decisions and the GM will be reacting.  The Players will decide what they want to explore, the GM will inform them of what they find, and the Players will once again chose what to do about it.  Players will be responsible for forming their parties.  And because they're choosing who is going, the players have to decide when they want to meet and actually play through the encounter.  

How far you go will be entirely up to you the Player.  It won't be limited by the Game Master nor your fellow adventures.  You are the master of your own destiny in this campaign.

Large Number of Players

With the thawing of the Edict of Winter, dozens of brave men and women have gathered in the northeast of Remidon to sally forth into the unknown.

We have a lot of friends that roleplay.  One of the best parts of the 'West Marches' style is that it supports lots of players.  Without an overarching narrative, it isn't crucial for the same group of players to experience adventures week after week in an episodic fashion.  If you can't attend a game one week it's not a big deal.  It isn't going to grind the game to a halt; however your friends are going to delve into a dungeon and earn XP and Fat Loots.  So if you want to keep up you better find time to play.

And we'll need a lot of players so multiple groups can meet on different days.  You the Players need options including a large pool of fellow adventurers with whom you can group.

Significantly More Player Choice

The difference between courage and foolishness is often success.  Is it bravery that drives these people out into the wilderness?  Is it greed?  Are they simply mad?  Or perhaps they have cause to be desperate and view almost certain death preferable to what awaits them now.

We've talked about this already but let me drive it home: the Players hold the power in this game.  You are the ones determining what happens by choosing where you want to explore, with whom you want to journey, and when you want to gather around the table to experience it.

There are however a few rules to help try and bring balance to the campaign.  Basically with great power comes great responsibility.  This also means there's a lot of opportunity here.  

The Page

This webpage will serve as the central hub for all of our adventures.  This thing is pretty awesome and has a ton of functionality.  You can check out the Adventure Log for an introduction to the world and the latest happenings in it.  But don't just take my word for it.  Look at the Forum pages to see what your fellow adventurers are up to in their own words.  You'll also find an FAQ and other interesting items within.  There's a place to store your Characters and even an Wiki to help you keep the details of the setting straight.  

Since it will be vital for Players to schedule sessions, you'll definitely want to make note of the Calendar page.  Let's try to keep it up to date for the next 60 days please.

There you have it.  I really think this game has a chance to grow into something special.  So jump in!  Create a character, join the website, and start talking on the forums.  Together we can create a truly amazing story.