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  • Arbiters of Justice

    The greatest libraries in all the world house entire sections of books detailing the demise of towns and cities throughout history.  This is the tale of an evil town slayer, the knight, and the 4 arbiters of justice. 

    In some time …

  • All Along the Watchtower

    As the Scribe of the Guild, I am happy to report that we have the proper set up for an official Guild Library.  First order of business, updating the section regarding Gnolls to insure we have noted Fenriss' knowledge regarding Gnolls being a …

  • Status on Library


    From:  the Desk of Yera Dream, Scribe of the Guild and Head Librarian:

    To: My Fellow Adventurers

    Many of you know, I have begun the tideous process of restoring the library situated in the now gnoll free City …