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  • The Tragedy of Vepha and Lhoris


    Battle-worn lovers fled before the Horde

    On the Reality of Ghosts

    Every court attracts its share of hangers-upon, barely noble, permanent court dwellers clinging to fragments of long-ago power and influence. Cradle’s newest resident, Lord Willosby, had been one of these in Remidon since he was born, but since …

  • Beasts of Winter

    Earlier this week, a couple of days after Enryn Willosby’s failed wedding and subsequent arrest, I was in the Gusty Gatherer, showing off my new hunting outfit to Esmerelda (all white, perfect for dramatic poses in blizzards). A few others were …

  • Game of Dwarven Thrones

    People in Cradle really love their dramatic entrances. I mean, far be it from me to tell anyone else they can’t be dramatic, but I think Esmerelda might start charging if people keep kicking in her doors. There was even fog swirling behind …