• Beachhead at Cradle

    Skulk having idea.  

    Walk anywhere from Spriggan long, inhospitable.  Need safe places along road.  Need safe cabin.  Need no dead from Cradle wrapping slippery stink meats around throats while we sleep.  

  • The Return to Virtum Sol

    Skulk has had better adventures than Virtum Sol.

    You understand, yes, Skulk did not mean to release an ancient evil? You understand Skulk did not want to make talking-bones-lich mad?

    Ho boy! Was he mad, though! He so mad that he …

  • Requiem

    When he realized what they'd intended, his claw quivered as if to move and stop it, but it was far too late. Their rasping captive gurgled in the conjured acid and grew still. His stomach churned …

  • Midway House

    The Midway House is a formerly vacant home lying upon the road between [[Sprigand]] and [[Cradle]].  It likely …

  • Skulk

    Skulk is a towering wall of blue-green scales, festooned with crude trinkets made of bone, feathers and skins. His black eyes have a sharp glint and cover with multiple sets of nictitating eyelids, and he bears a shield made of a white dragon wyrmling's …