Tag: Human


  • Eramia Fol

    Eramia Fol is one of the two founders of [[The Dawn of Spring Guild]]. She comes from a minor house of nobility in the central part of [[Remidon]]. She has a reputation as a shrewd but fair negotiator.

  • Setelesott Onitena

    Setelesott Onitena has dedicated his life to the service of his King and country. A knight in the truest sense of the word, Sir Onitena has been charged with overseeing the newly stationed garrison here in [[Sprigand]]. This military force is …

  • Eton Tenott

    Eton is the proprietor of the [[Due South Inn]] in the town of [[Sprigand]]. The Inn is a family business passed down through the generations. Eton is cautiously optimistic about the Inn and Springad's future. On the one hand, with the [[Edict of …

  • Netah Erasese

    Netah came to [[Sprigand]] a few years prior to the end of the [[Edict of Winter]]. She came not to adventure into the wild but from pure wanderlust. She's made a living for herself as the server at the [[Due South Inn]]. Graceful and charming, she is …