Tag: Dwarf


  • Garoka Brightmine

    Garoka Brightmine is a dwarf hailing from the western regions of [[Remidon]] and middling merchant stock. He is one of the two founders of the [[Dawn of the Spring Guild]]. He believes that this Guild will be his ticket to fame and glory in dwarven …

  • Ladatun Brassbeard

    Ladatun Brassbeard is a member of the [[Dawn of Spring Guild]]. She was one of the first adventurers to join the organization. Although her adventuring days are over, she still holds a high ranking position within the Guild as its Chief Liason Officer. …

  • Arel Thistlebeard

    After some of his traveling mates were lost in the Badlands, Arel returned to Sprigand in despair. He tried to drink away his pain but there was only more.