Tag: Dawn of Spring Guild


  • Garoka Brightmine

    Garoka Brightmine is a dwarf hailing from the western regions of [[Remidon]] and middling merchant stock. He is one of the two founders of the [[Dawn of the Spring Guild]]. He believes that this Guild will be his ticket to fame and glory in dwarven …

  • Eramia Fol

    Eramia Fol is one of the two founders of [[The Dawn of Spring Guild]]. She comes from a minor house of nobility in the central part of [[Remidon]]. She has a reputation as a shrewd but fair negotiator.

  • Ladatun Brassbeard

    Ladatun Brassbeard is a member of the [[Dawn of Spring Guild]]. She was one of the first adventurers to join the organization. Although her adventuring days are over, she still holds a high ranking position within the Guild as its Chief Liason Officer. …

  • Erky Timbers

    Erky Timbers was rescued from the goblins inside the Sunless Citadel by a party of adventurers from the Dawn of Spring Guild. Since his recovery, Erky has joined the Guild as well as his powers derived from Thoth. Personality: Eternal Optimist Ideal …