East of Winter

Introduction: The Town of Sprigand
The last beacon of light in the West

The small town of Sprigand is the farthest point in the kingdom of Remidon.  For 500 years it lay just to the west of the frozen wasteland that was the East after the Edict of Winter.  But now as the powerful barrier wanes it is growing into a thriving hub of commerce.  Brave souls from all parts of the west have journeyed here to make their own forays into the wild and untamed lands beyond.

The center of town is a market square.  A dilapidated fountain, long since cracked and run dry, lies in the center.  To the south of this square you'll find the Due South Inn.  While many of the buildings in Sprigand are run down, the Inn seems to at least have been built in your lifetime.  Its warm and inviting fires can be seen from large southerly windows while its sign sways casually the chill breeze.  

To the north lies a simple Temple of no discernable denomination.  Few acolytes felt the need to journey to the edge of the kingdom and those that did never felt the need to build a hall of worship specific to their god for so small a potential flock.  Any of those native to Sprigand who have need of the temple for their various faiths happily share it amongst each other.  The Temple also houses the largest collection of books in town; though this is a small border town and that doesn't mean it is an impressive library.

To the west lies the Feasting Hall.  A broad building capable of holding the entire town and more, the Feasting Hall serves as meeting place, governmental office, and the focal point of holiday celebrations.  On a day to day basis the citizens of Sprigand may visit it to govern themselves and their affairs; but this holds little interest to an adventurer such as yourself.  Perhaps when the town holds its next festival then you'll make use of it.

Finally to the east lies the newest building in all of Sprigand, the Dawn of Spring Guild's Guildhall.  Here you can not only live in town, but you can find potential adventures and companions to help you complete them.  It also allows the Guild to keep tabs on its members and make sure they are contributing their tithe.

The various homesteads, farms, and business don't concern you.  The Guild has already entered into agreements on your behalf for any service they could provide.   The town is merely a starting point on the journey that will grant you fame, fortune, and glory.  All that and more awaits you in the lands to the East.

Welcome to East of Winter!
A brief overview

Over a thousand years ago, two peoples came together to overthrow the tyranny of Rothilhug and founded the kingdom Remidon.  The kingdom prospered and knew only triumph for generations.  In its success the crown found hubris and eventually reached beyond its grasp.  The First Age of Expansion ended when The Horde tore the armies of Remidon asunder and threatened the kingdom.  The Magi of Remidon however called forth the Edict of Winter and saved civilization itself from destruction.  But even their power eventually waned.

Now the Edict of Winter has ended and once more the lands of the East lay before the people of Remidon.  Brave souls come to the small town of Sprigand to begin the first leg of their journey into the wilds.  A journey fraught with peril, with opportunity.  A journey that will take them east of the long, bitter winter.


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