East of Winter

Disbanding - Suspended

So we currently have somewhere between 6 and 8 active players.  It hasn't been easy to put together games consistently, yet.  So until we get a larger table (say a dozen or more players) we're going to suspend the Disbanding rules.  At some point they'll be reinstated.  


Over the mountain and through the Badlands
to the dwarven campfire we go

I am told I have made a full recovery from the affliction I suffered during our last outing. I have never been out of commission for such a long period, and it is quite concerning. Concerning enough to make me question my decision to abandon my solitude and join with these strangers. And strange they are. 

If it weren't for the bond I feel with my fellow tieflings Abby and Yera, I would likely abandon this party and strike out on my own again. In fact, I am quite certain one member of our group will get us all killed before our time together is over. This Brekka is reluctant to kill even those creatures that would attack us in our sleep. I say this as our first night away from Sprigand in search of a party of missing dwarves saw us attacked by goblins as we slept. Those of us who were awake fought them off, but Brekka refused to kill the one left behind by his cowardly brethren. I know without a doubt that if I had not dispatched the miserable creature myself, the goblin would have returned with twice as many to do us in.

The next day we followed Tut over the mountain and into the Badlands in search of the small men. We did not find them as we approached the desert wasteland, but we did find a pit of bones. Bones that appeared to be from many different beings. But no dwarves. As I was beginning to think our search was a wasted effort, we found something that gave us hope. A campfire. And its maker was not too long gone. 

It was not long until we found who had made the fire. Three dwarves were wandering about, clearly lost, and we led them back to the remains of the campfire. As night fell, the small men insisted on consuming large quantities of ale and swapping stories. Concerned they would wander off in a drunken stupor and become lost again, Yera secured them to Storma … our war donkey. Abby, Yera and I remained awake, talking to the ale-soaked dwarves while Tut and Brekka slept. It is here that my memory becomes hazy and I struggle to remember what has happened. 

I've been informed that the dwarves we found were not, in fact, dwarves but rather were some strange dog-men. This makes twice now that we've been deceived by dark forces. And I am still no closer to my goal.

Arbiters of Justice
The vampire that wasn't

The greatest libraries in all the world house entire sections of books detailing the demise of towns and cities throughout history.  This is the tale of an evil town slayer, the knight, and the 4 arbiters of justice. 

In some time past, before the name Cradle of Death was placed upon the stones of a town, a prosperous town existed.  The farmlands were plentiful, the roads lined with golden bricks, and a smile always upon the Mayor's face.  And how could the town not be one of joy when the Knight called this place his home?  He stood strong, this beacon of hope, tamer of dragons and protector of the town. Unfortunately, joy was not destined to remain.

One evening, so late that it was almost dawn, the mayor was awoken by a rapping on the door.  His guards open the door and found an old wizened man in rags.  "Why do you awaken the Mayor's home at this odd hour" the guards demanded.    "Forgive my trespass," the old man wheezed, "but a nightmare befell me, and I must deliver its warning at once!"  The mayor having reached the front hall, merely responded to the old man "You awoke us due to a dream! Guards, remove this man from my sight!"  As the guards dragged the man away, he shouted back "Upon the Night of Glass, when sea becomes sky, the King of Honor shall be slain by the Arrow of Terror."   Where the man was taken, no one knows, but his warning still adorns a wall in the underbelly of cradle to this day.  The town ignored the warning as a dark sea came their way.

Joy came crashing down as a dark shadow engulfed the mountain, like it was the sea swallowing the shore, and bats circled around the shadow like ripples from a pebble tossed into the water.  The Knight surged forward to protect the town, bringing forward a dragon and other fighters, but the attack was too much.  The knight was slain by an arrow from the darkness, and the remaining fighters and townsfolk quickly followed, their fear and terror great at having witnessed the Knight's death.  Soon, all that remained were the dead and shadows.

Over time, the battle was forgotten and all that remained were bones, the name Cradle, and the headless statute of the once great Knight, the once great King of Honor. 

As time passed, and ruins became rubble, and gold faded from the bricks, word of a Vampire spread to the ears of adventurers until it was heard by 3 tieflings and a kenku.  To keep the town safe and find out if a vampire was slaying travelers, the 4 banded together and rushed towards Cradle.  The group kept in mind that it is okay to trifle with Goblins, but to trifle with a true vampire would most likely lead to death.

In the name of justice, Yera, Abby, Fenriss, and Cicada charged forward to defeat the evil that had taken root in Cradle.  The group plowed through goblins, quickly slashing and damaging them with spells and weapons alike before continuing forward to the cave of the vampire.  The party moved forward, turning bones to dust, zombies to sludge and scattering the essence of shadows across the room before reaching the final evil.

In the room was not a vampire feared, but instead a wight.  The party ran forward, weapons glowing with magic, spells forcing the wight backwards.  As the Trickster pulled a boar from his bag and slung it at the wight,  Ghaunadar strengthened the force blast from slung by the Warlock, the Not-Bard swung her magical sword and the Ranger fired her magical arrow, slaying the wight in the name of all things good and just.

The story of the Arbiters of Justice ends with a dead not vampire and the knowledge that sometimes rumors are not correct and sometimes the big bad is not the big bad of legends, but simply a different smaller evil hiding behind the shadows of the past. 

Yera Dream does not present the story of the knight as being 100% truth.

Introduction: The Town of Sprigand
The last beacon of light in the West

The small town of Sprigand is the farthest point in the kingdom of Remidon.  For 500 years it lay just to the west of the frozen wasteland that was the East after the Edict of Winter.  But now as the powerful barrier wanes it is growing into a thriving hub of commerce.  Brave souls from all parts of the west have journeyed here to make their own forays into the wild and untamed lands beyond.

The center of town is a market square.  A dilapidated fountain, long since cracked and run dry, lies in the center.  To the south of this square you'll find the Due South Inn.  While many of the buildings in Sprigand are run down, the Inn seems to at least have been built in your lifetime.  Its warm and inviting fires can be seen from large southerly windows while its sign sways casually the chill breeze.  

To the north lies a simple Temple of no discernable denomination.  Few acolytes felt the need to journey to the edge of the kingdom and those that did never felt the need to build a hall of worship specific to their god for so small a potential flock.  Any of those native to Sprigand who have need of the temple for their various faiths happily share it amongst each other.  The Temple also houses the largest collection of books in town; though this is a small border town and that doesn't mean it is an impressive library.

To the west lies the Feasting Hall.  A broad building capable of holding the entire town and more, the Feasting Hall serves as meeting place, governmental office, and the focal point of holiday celebrations.  On a day to day basis the citizens of Sprigand may visit it to govern themselves and their affairs; but this holds little interest to an adventurer such as yourself.  Perhaps when the town holds its next festival then you'll make use of it.

Finally to the east lies the newest building in all of Sprigand, the Dawn of Spring Guild's Guildhall.  Here you can not only live in town, but you can find potential adventures and companions to help you complete them.  It also allows the Guild to keep tabs on its members and make sure they are contributing their tithe.

The various homesteads, farms, and business don't concern you.  The Guild has already entered into agreements on your behalf for any service they could provide.   The town is merely a starting point on the journey that will grant you fame, fortune, and glory.  All that and more awaits you in the lands to the East.

Welcome to East of Winter!
A brief overview

Over a thousand years ago, two peoples came together to overthrow the tyranny of Rothilhug and founded the kingdom Remidon.  The kingdom prospered and knew only triumph for generations.  In its success the crown found hubris and eventually reached beyond its grasp.  The First Age of Expansion ended when The Horde tore the armies of Remidon asunder and threatened the kingdom.  The Magi of Remidon however called forth the Edict of Winter and saved civilization itself from destruction.  But even their power eventually waned.

Now the Edict of Winter has ended and once more the lands of the East lay before the people of Remidon.  Brave souls come to the small town of Sprigand to begin the first leg of their journey into the wilds.  A journey fraught with peril, with opportunity.  A journey that will take them east of the long, bitter winter.


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