Setelesott Onitena

Middle aged human male, tall with broad shoulders, bald with a short, white beard.


Setelesott Onitena is a tall and middle aged man. His walk betrays that a large portion of his life has been spent on horseback while his shoulders show a life of intense physical activity. He wears a short, white beard that contrasts his bald head. While the sun shines, Sir Onitena dawns his arms and armor. At night his clothes speak to function and utility much more than fashion.


Setelesott Onitena has dedicated his life to the service of his King and country. A knight in the truest sense of the word, Sir Onitena has been charged with overseeing the newly stationed garrison here in Sprigand. This military force is substantial but also under strict orders from the King himself not to set foot into the East under any circumstances. They will defend the town and its villagers with their lives; but no adventurer should expect any assistance from Sir Onitena or his men.

Setelesott Onitena

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