Netah Erasese

Tall, young, dark skinned woman with black hair and brown eyes


Netah Erasese is a tall, dark, and handsome woman who stands out in a crowd. She walks with a grace earned from navigating crowded tables, and drunk patrons. She has a charming smile and sultry voice; but also a fiery temper that over indulgent drinks have occasion to suffer. Her clothes are well kept if rather plain. She somehow manages to smell faintly of jasmine despite living in the cold climate of Sprigand these last few years.


Netah came to Sprigand a few years prior to the end of the Edict of Winter. She came not to adventure into the wild but from pure wanderlust. She’s made a living for herself as the server at the Due South Inn. Graceful and charming, she is able to set everyone in the Inn at ease.

Netah Erasese

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