Ladatun Brassbeard

Dwarf woman of above average height with reddish hair


Ladatun Brassbeard is tall for a dwarf. Her reddish hair is worn loose and to her waist, while accented with occasional braids tied off with gemstone charms. She has hard blue eyes and an attitude to match. She hails from the southern regions of Remidon and often wears furs to combat the cold. Her walk has a large limp coming from her left leg.


Ladatun Brassbeard is a member of the Dawn of Spring Guild. She was one of the first adventurers to join the organization. Although her adventuring days are over, she still holds a high ranking position within the Guild as its Chief Liason Officer. If an adventurer needs supplies or advice, Ladatun is the one they should seek.

Ladatun Brassbeard

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