Eton Tenott

Older man with receding white hair, white beer, and a large belly.


Eton Tenott is an older man with receding white hair, a white beer, a large belly and an even larger voice. His booming laugh has resounded throughout Sprigand for over 60 years. He wears simple clothes, often bearing food and wine stains.


Eton is the proprietor of the Due South Inn in the town of Sprigand. The Inn is a family business passed down through the generations. Eton is cautiously optimistic about the Inn and Springad’s future. On the one hand, with the Edict of Winter finally ending people from all over the kingdom will make their way to Sprigand and stay at his Inn while visiting. On the other hand, other creatures still run rampant throughout the East which is only a stone’s throw away from the small frontier town that has always been his home.

Eton Tenott

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