East of Winter

Rocking the Cradle

Gnoll Exit

I awoke earlier than the others and began the grim task of creating a pyre of the twice dead corpses that littered the north west tower of Cradle.  A pillar of smoke rose to the heavens.  The acrid scent was the incense that accompanied my morning prayers.  Hail to Rhollor the bringer of Dawn.

Imildrak's crow returned with its message undelivered.  It seemed intent that we should follow it.  It led us to the center of cradle, to the town hall.  We dispatched a band of gnolls and Jackals on the way.  Ted was put to rest by the gnolls.  Imildrak was quite distraught over this development and expended much of his magical energy punishing the gnolls for their audacity.  I am troubled that Imildrak has kept Ted's skull…and even more troubled that he talks to it.

We reached the city center and met up with Abby's infernal allies as well as a big bird and a human who appeared quite unremarkable.  Vera's thaumaturgy could not open the door.  My firebolt did not ignite it.  In the end it was Imildrak's keen mind that divined the password and opened the doors.  Cradle.  I should have known it.  Should have guessed it before my brother. 

A large band of gnolls and witherlings attacked us as the doors opened.  Abby charged forward and engaged their main force as many of us withdrew to the safety of the hall.  The gnolls fell before a phsyical and psychic onslaught.  It was a talent show for sadists.  Each of our motley members showcasing their talent for destruction.   

After claiming the town hall it has been a small matter to clear the last pockets of resistance from Cradle.  The gnolls have been driven out and the undead have been purged.  The buildings are being restored, adventurers staking their claims.  I have taken up residence in the temple.  The sacred flame burns through the night as I cremate the twice dead corpses that litter the streets.  Imildrak has dominion over the sewers.  We never finished clearing them of undead.  Perhaps he prefers it that way.  Abby has claimed town hall, she is intent on forming a system of governance that prioritizes individual liberty.  While I'm not generally in favor of such poppycock it does afford me and my brother more leeway to pursue our goals in peace.  I suppose I have to take the good with the bad.  Runt seems more intent on having the land turn him a monetary profit.  Avarice is a golden chain that drags you beneath the waves.  I would be interested in visiting Yera's library.  She says that she read a book about how to properly care for books.  She seems qualified. 

The Tengu is a devout servant of Rhollor.  Every prayer I recited he joined in.  He offered each oblation in a voice as clear and fervent as my own.  Even the unremarkable human knows of some fire magic.  He holds more potential than I originally thought.  The tieflings fought well today.  I am forced to admit that my suspicions were unfounded.  They are creatures of fire, favored by Rhollor.  I must research this revelation further.  Do not the eternal fires of hell burn even hotter than the sun?  Are these flames not also sacred? 


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