East of Winter

All Along the Watchtower

No Goblin Druids were killed in this adventure.

As the Scribe of the Guild, I am happy to report that we have the proper set up for an official Guild Library.  First order of business, updating the section regarding Gnolls to insure we have noted Fenriss' knowledge regarding Gnolls being a Matriarchal Society.  Second Order:  Killing the Matriarch and hoping that she has plenty of tomes that we can add to our collection.  

Before being to invested with gaining new insight on Gnolls, as Scribe of the Guild, I must state that I'm not sure how wise wooden watch towers are in the protection of Cradle.  In Vincento Mischos "Upon Fortification of Watch Towers," it is clearly indicated that at a minimum the base of all watchtowers should be made ot of a heat resistant stone to insure against Gnoll fires.  If we are to insure the further establishment of Cradle as a stronghold in the area, the watch towers must strengthened.  Otherwise, any Gnoll with a torch will be able to burn down our defenses.  We are fortunate that while I took out the remaining Gnolls attacking the Southeast Tower, Fenriss was able to quickly douse the burning sections with water, or we might already be short a defensive structure.

I was excited to meet so many others who see the benefit of utilizing spells to protect the area. The party fought well together as we defended city hall where on young son was able to slay an evil lich in the past and a group of adventurers were able to wade through armies of undead and gnolls to bring Cradle out of the miasma of death it has sat under since the Honor Knight was struck down in battle.   

Until next time the gnolls strike, I have a library to scrub.


drewsph_dunn drewsph_dunn

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